Tri-Cabusilan Mountain Range

My most memorable activity in 2010! I had nowhere to go. Been watching 6-8  consecutive movies after a whole day meeting or long hours of taping. I was  eating so much that i didn’t even feel how it was to be full. i was crying  non-stop to sleep.I was scattered. Until my friend from work, Gab, got  me into saying “yes” in going to Mt. Pinatubo realizing after that he was not  even coming. Fortunately, i was with good buddies, Cham and Bhugzy. Thanks to  them, they’ve been stopping from every 10 steps to another just to wait for me!  LOL! As i was walking up to Mt. Pinatubo, i began reflecting with everything  that has happened to me in the past few weeks just before i saw myself in  between those mountains. i was hurt from a lot of reasons…. heartbreak,  frustrations, disappointments and a lot more.. It was the silence on our way up  that gave me peace of mind. it was the sound of the flowing water from the  rivers and the sound of the birds flying around and relaxing with freedom in the woods..  the emptiness of the way to the crate wasn’t really a place where you’ll feel  lonely, but it’s more like there was harmony that i felt i was so free to  reconcile with myself… i began to realize that i had to put myself back  together and grab that chance to totally experience serenity, quietness, and  calmness. i regained all the positive thoughts and energy and become more  hopeful and optimistic. And so, when i was finally up there, i told myself that  i should be done expressing and releasing so much of the pain in me because i  would still be needing a little of it to remind me to aspire more and be  encouraged to start anew. It was up there that i felt contented and whole again.  Then again, yes, it was tiring, catching my breath like i had nothing to do but  to catch more air… but it was all worth it!!!!