My Indexed New Year’s Resolution 

I will be more Accepting but still not gullible

I want to continue to do charity works and public service and stay Big-Hearted

Create a more relaxed surrounding and live in a lesser stressed universe, stay with more positive people and be Calm

Be more committed, whole-hearted, fervent, and Dedicated 

Be an Earnest friend

Strengthen my loyalty and be Faithful to God and continue to be devoted to His words

I will always feel indebted to people who have been so kind and loving to me, I am incredibly Grateful

I will try to keep Healthy

Inspiring enough to be encouraging and motivating to others

Be high-spirited and Joyful 

I will be more determined, focused and Keen

Have a Logical mind that would be capable for correct, valid, and  acceptable reasoning

Meek with a little spirit of courage but humble in manner

But still a bit Naughty so I won’t lose the child in me and be able to laugh more even on my own little mistakes

Will be more active Online as I update all my social media accounts and will be blogging more often

I must be more Patient

Be Quiet and spend Quality Time with loved ones

Continue to live the virtue of being Honest and True by being Reliable 

I will be more appreciative, content, and Satisfied with what I have

I will remain to be a good Taxpaying citizen

I will always be Unselfish and be more caring and considerate

I will try to be a thrilled Vegetarian…. Okay, fine! I will do my best to make my loved ones feel they are Valued

Be Warmhearted enough and be filled with kindness, sympathy, and generosity

I think it’s still logical to never be Xenodochial LOL

Make it a Yogic year. I really hope to do and survive Yoga!

That I am eager to be more Zealous and more passionate in everything that I’m doing


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