Finally, no matter how I want you to stay in my life and be part of it forever, You can’t. You can never be.
Our story was not a make believe. We didnt love each other from afar. WE WERE GIVEN A TIME… A chance… We were lucky enough…
I was able to hold your hand and you we’re able to pull me closer. We had the best moments. The perfect movie scenes anyone could ever imagine. And I knew how your lips taste like, or the jokes that could make you laugh— I know what pisses you off… I know how your body can burn my skin from the heat of your love, and I know how good it feels to see your face the moment I open my eyes in the morning— trust me, I wished these scenes would never end. 
I loved it. And I’m craving for those moments everyday. If only we could stay that way. But the more I get to spend my time with you, the more it syncs in that I can’t have you. Everytime we are close, the more I feel the gap. And everytime you look at me, it gets me drowning so deep to nowhere, or loses myself to somewhere so dark and you are not there. And sadly, the same perfect moments are the reasons why I also realize that i can never have you the way I wanted to.
This is never okay. But i have no choice, i have to accept, finally, that i cant have you.


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