Best of All Trips!

I can consider my very first time to travel by plane to be on my own, a long time ago, was to Los Angeles, California, well technically, I have some family friends on board on the same flight, but I had nobody else traveling with me having the exact place to go and itineraries the whole time. From then on, I travel alone most of the time. I may have a few ones but to places I have already been to alone.

And so, my first time ever to travel with a couple of friends was that in Hongkong first month of this year. I had a few travels to Hong Kong with childhood friends and family friends but this one is different. This is more free and a little random as we explore the city.

I had fun in navigating public transportation, exploring historical and spiritual landmarks, and trying the best kinds of food in the country. Of course, not to mention the fun of getting lost as you miss your stops on the trains and buses and not finding the streets you’re supposed to be at. While it is really fun, it isn’t always problem-free as it could also be stressful. But how we respond to stress when we travel alone might be far different from how we would deal with it with our friends. We’re even luckier if we don’t just travel with a group but with real friends which means we just brought with us a little of our comfort zone. And I thank Ramil and Alfredo for sharing this experience with me. Our Hongkong trip may not be as adventurous as it is if I were alone.

I don’t really find traveling alone intimidating, scary, or isolating but I admit going through it with friends is one of the best! Creating memories with some best buddies make the trip much more special.

Being in the same trip in the first place already establish that you may have similar interests and may help build a better understanding of each other. The friendship may even develop more as you learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses; likes and dislikes; and maybe deeper.

Traveling far is a good experience of discovery, learning, change, adaptation, revitalization, and maybe a little makeover of ourselves. Sometimes, adventures that bring these experiences to our lives with other people give the true impact of excitement.

Exploring Hongkong, again, with truly exciting friends have helped me realize what that experience really represents myself and acknowledging what I’ve gained from it as a person.

Unforgettable perks of not traveling alone made Hongkong “not just the usual Hongkong”. It was the long airport waits; the hunger we shared while waiting for our flights; the long walks between blocks and streets to the train and bus stops; the wrong stations that we get off at; the budgeting of our pocket money; the feeling of getting lost as we all don’t get what’s on the map; the overtiredness; the times that we miss the same set of friends; forgetting work and stress at least for five days; for being together away from home; for taking turns and ‘give-and-take’ moments; for discovering who is extrovert and introvert; for being each other’s photographer; for boosting up each other’s confidence; for extending wardrobes, scarf, and stuff; for getting the trip at the best rate; for sharing brainpowers as we plan every day’s itinerary; for the crazy things and laughters; for respecting our differences; for protecting and taking care of each other the whole trip; for discovering each other’s deeper selves; and for coming home happy we did that trip. It was all worth it!


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